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Has A Loved One Suffered Due To Nursing Home Negligence?

People with loved ones in nursing homes expect nothing less than the best care for their elderly relatives. Unfortunately, elder abuse is common in Ohio and across the country. According to Policy Matters Ohio, every year, there are over 15,000 incidents of abuse reported to authorities in the state. The actual number is estimated to be much higher, since many incidents go unreported.

Since 1980, the attorneys at Smith, Meier & Webb, LPA, have pursued the rights of families and senior citizens affected by nursing home negligence. Our Springboro, Ohio, office accepts clients throughout Southwestern Ohio, as well as clients from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The Consequences Of Nursing Home Abuse

The National Center on Elder Abuse’s Administration on Aging states that abused elders suffer from significantly higher levels of emotional distress than those who are not abused. They may develop further health problems, or existing conditions may be exacerbated. Additionally, residents who are even mildly abused are 300 percent more likely to die early than elders who are not victimized.

Signs A Loved One Is Being Abused

Elder abuse is considered a “silent epidemic,” since victims may be afraid or unable to speak up about their treatment. It can also be difficult to recognize the signs of abuse. The following signs may be indications that nursing home abuse or neglect has been occurring:

  • Evidence of physical violence, including unexplained bruises, broken bones or abrasions
  • Signs of neglect that may include unusual weight loss, dehydration or pressure sores
  • Emotional distress, including depression, anxiety and fear of caregivers
  • Statements that improper treatment has been occurring

Additionally, if a loved one shows a change in behavior or decline in health, it could be a sign of a medication error or that scheduled medication has not been promptly given.

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