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Assertive Legal Defense In A Wide Range Of Drug Cases

Penalties for drug crime convictions can be very severe. Persons found guilty of federal drug crimes, such as trafficking and certain levels of drug possession, risk significant prison time. State drug charges mirror federal charges and penalties. Even possession of a minor amount of marijuana can have serious consequences. That is why individuals charged with any type of drug crime need an experienced defense attorney who can mount a strong defense based on the law and the facts of the case.

Aggressive And Experienced Defense Attorneys

The Springboro law firm of Smith, Meier & Webb, LPA, defends clients against all types of drug charges and is known for its ability to fight aggressively for clients’ rights. Our lawyers are determined and will do everything they can to defend a client against a drug crime charge. They negotiate dismissals and reductions in charges, but when they need to go to trial, they are prepared. Our goal: to achieve the most favorable outcome possible under the circumstances. This means that we investigate each case carefully and develop a strategy that fits the specific facts. We do not employ generic defenses that can be used in almost any matter.

Examples Of Drug Crime Cases

Our law firm defends clients against charges such as:

  • Manufacturing or cultivating marijuana, methamphetamine (including operating a meth lab) or other controlled substances
  • Trafficking or conspiracy in the distribution or delivery of illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine or marijuana
  • Prescription medication fraud
  • Drug possession in a car or possession of paraphernalia in a car or other motor vehicle
  • Asset forfeiture of property related to drug charges

How We Help

We make sure that the evidence against our client is consistent with the charges. We examine law enforcement reports to determine whether the arrest was legal and correctly executed. We determine whether our clients’ rights were preserved during the investigation, arrest and charging process. We seek to have charges reduced or dismissed to avoid significant penalties. However, when this is not possible, our lawyers are always ready to proceed to trial and will fight vigorously to protect our clients’ rights and their future.

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