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Child support is often a highly contested issue for divorcing parents. For most people, however, child support is not something that can be disputed. The state of Ohio provides a child support schedule that incorporates the factors that are considered in determining child support — incomes of the parties, whether there are extraordinary medical expenses, health of the parties and whether they receive any special benefits such as veteran’s benefits or disability benefits. Child support is a matter of dispute only when the parents disagree about the factors included in the calculation.

Working For The Best Interests Of The Children

At our Springboro law firm, Smith, Meier & Webb, LPA, our lawyers help clients resolve child support disputes, including issues related to the application of the child support calculation. Our principal attorney, John D. Smith, has been in practice since 1980 and uses his knowledge and experience to help clients with all issues related to child support. Our lawyers know when deviations from the schedule are possible and appropriate. We know when clients can modify existing child support orders. We know of recent legislative changes relating to the calculation of child support. Most importantly, we know how to keep clients focused on the best interests of their children.

Special Consideration For Higher-Income Clients

The state guidelines apply only to families whose joint incomes are less than $150,000. Families whose income exceeds this amount submit individual child support proposals to the court. The court reviews each case independently, taking into account the best interests of the child and whether the proposals would cause undue disruption or change. For example, the court may require payment of private school tuition for a child who attended private or parochial school for an extended period before the divorce. Our law firm advises high net worth clients about their child support options and ensures that any proposals accurately reflect the incomes of the parties.

Changes To Child Support

Child support can be modified if there are significant changes in the circumstances of one of the parties. For example, if the parent paying for the child’s health insurance loses his or her job, child support will need to be modified. Our lawyers help parents petition the court for changes to child support; we also help clients contest proposed modifications.

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