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Have You Been Accused Of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is taken seriously by the courts and by society at large. Individuals convicted of domestic violence face serious penalties. People who are victims of domestic violence need protection right away. In either case, it is important to act quickly to obtain legal advice and representation. At the Springboro, Ohio, law firm, Smith, Meier & Webb, LPA, our attorneys act for people on both sides of domestic violence issues. We provide legal advice and representation that seek to protect the rights, safety and futures of our clients.

Defending Clients Against Charges

Ohio police generally arrest individuals after a complaint by an alleged victim. If the case moves forward, the accused may be charged with either a felony or misdemeanor. The prosecutor may add domestic assault charges, depending on the severity of the alleged violence. An individual faces significant jail or prison time and fines if convicted. In addition, that person will lose the right to carry firearms and be under civil protection orders (CPO) for up to five years.

Our principal attorney, John D. Smith, has been defending clients since 1980. He and our other lawyers build strong cases that make sure the charges fit the facts. We represent clients in civil proceedings and seek to have temporary criminal protection orders lifted. Charges of domestic violence or spousal abuse sometimes arise during divorce proceedings; we endeavor to protect our clients from false accusations. We protect our clients’ rights and are aware of how these charges can affect your criminal record and firearm possession.

Helping Clients Stay Safe

The state is dedicated to protecting victims of domestic violence or abuse. There are systems in place to ensure that individuals are not subject to additional violence. Victims may obtain temporary protection orders (TPOs) that protect victims and their families against contact with the alleged abuser. If the abuser violates the TPO, he or she can be arrested.

Our attorneys represent victims in all matters related to obtaining protection from domestic violence. We attend hearings, ensuring that our clients present all the documentation needed to keep an abuser away. If an abuser violates a TPO or CPO, we make sure that our client is safe and that the legal system provides protection.

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To learn more about domestic violence and how we can help, contact our Springboro office. Call us at 937-557-0128 or 513-445-5017 to schedule an appointment. Of course, call the police right away if you fear for your safety.