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Is Your Divorce A Good Fit For Collaborative Law?

Traditional divorce litigation is an adversarial process that often further damages family relationships. In a collaborative divorce, however, both parties work together to reach a solution that is right for them.

Attorney John D. Smith is certified as a collaborative divorce lawyer. He represents clients in collaborative divorces in Springboro and the surrounding area. He has the experience necessary to protect your interests during the collaborative divorce or custody process.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Differ From Litigation?

In a collaborative divorce, each party retains an attorney and signs an agreement stating that the parties will resolve all issues and reach a negotiated settlement. If they are unable to reach an agreement, each party must hire new lawyers and the divorce will go to trial. This may provide additional incentive for the parties to work together. When collaborative divorce is successful, it is typically less expensive and time-consuming than traditional divorce litigation.

Other benefits of collaborative law are that the individuals control the process instead of the court. The atmosphere is more relaxed than a trial, fostering a more cooperative process. This is especially good for children, who will see their parents work together to create a custody agreement rather than fighting in court.

If necessary, professionals in areas such as finance, counseling, child development and parenting can be brought in to help the parties work through issues. These are neutral parties who work to help everyone reach an agreement.

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