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Spousal Support Sets The Financial Future For Both Parties

Spousal support (formerly called alimony) is available in a variety of circumstances under Ohio law. How the law is applied varies by county, with some judges interpreting the law one way, and others another way. When seeking spousal support or contesting a spousal support request, it is important to have a lawyer who not only understands the law, but also knows how the judges in each county in southwestern Ohio apply it.

Experienced And Knowledgeable Attorneys

At our Springboro law firm, Smith, Meier & Webb, LPA, our attorneys help clients seeking spousal support or hoping to reduce or eliminate spousal support altogether. Our principal lawyer, John D. Smith, has been practicing law since 1980 and has advocated for numerous clients in spousal support matters. Because we understand the differences among local courts, we are able to structure our arguments for or against spousal support in ways that resonate with judges in the area. Our attorneys are familiar with the changes in federal tax law as it relates to spousal support and will assist in determining and/or modifying an appropriate spousal support award.

Determining Spousal Support In Ohio

To determine the amount of spousal support to be paid or received, the court considers factors such as these:

  • Relative incomes of the parties
  • The ages and health of the parties
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Whether one of the persons will not be able to earn a salary because of child care responsibilities
  • The contributions of each party to the earning ability of the other through education and training
  • Assets and liabilities of each party

Judges consider these and other factors when determining whether to award spousal support. They also determine whether temporary spousal support should be paid to a spouse in order to help him or her obtain the education or training needed to find suitable employment. They can set conditions on spousal support — for example, does it cease when one of the parties remarries or when a certain time period has elapsed?

Modification Of Spousal Support

Recent support orders can be modified if there is a significant change in the circumstances of the parties. These changes can include job loss, remarriage, post-decree cohabitation or retirement. We help clients petition for or oppose modifications by applying factors such as these.

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