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Seeking Rightful Compensation For C-Section Injuries

The stakes are high when complications arise as a woman is about to give birth. If the situation isn’t handled right, the result could be birth injuries to the child.

In cases of fetal distress, a cesarean delivery may therefore be in order. But a C-section carries its own risks, including injuries to the mother or the child during the surgery.

At Smith, Meier & Webb, LPA, in the Dayton area, we can help you hold negligent doctors and other medical professionals accountable for C-section injuries. We encourage you to give us a call today for a no-cost consultation about your specific situation.

How Did The Injury Happen?

All sorts of things can happen during a difficult labor and delivery process. The baby’s heart rate may change, indicating a lack of oxygen. To prevent birth injuries due to lack of oxygen to the brain, it may be necessary for doctors to intervene with a C-section, rather than trying for a vaginal birth.

There may also be other problems, such as the baby’s head being too big for the birth canal or becoming entwined with the umbilical cord. Doctors sometimes also use excessive doses of drugs to induce delivery.

In response to such problems, C-sections have become a common intervention in American medicine. They now account for more than a third of all births.

In the plainest terms, failure to perform a necessary C-section may be medical malpractice. But harm can also happen when a C-section is performed negligently, resulting in surgical errors that injure the mother or the child. And when that happens, you have a right to seek full and fair compensation.

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