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Ohio family law: When money problems lead to divorce

Money, money, money: It is needed to live a certain life, but it is the cause of numerous marital problems. A recently published article named it the top thing about which married couples fight. Here are a few of the main reasons money causes so much trouble in marriage and some information about how a family law attorney can help Ohio residents who wish to get out of their marriages because of money issues.

Having different financial priorities rather than being on the same page about money simply does not work out well. Couples who have shared goals and actually work toward those goals together tend to find success in married life. When goals are made, but only one spouse is working toward them, it can cause a lot of resentment.

Ohio criminal law: Elements needed in a forgery case

Those who stand accused of committing forgery in the state of Ohio may face significant consequences if they are ultimately convicted. In other words, this is not a charge to take lightly. What can a criminal law attorney do to assist someone facing such accusations?

Forgery comes in many forms. There is copying art and selling it as original work. There is making fake documents. There is signing someone else's name to a document without his or her authorization -- among other things.

Is family law linked to the state of the economy?

Learning that the economy is doing well may come as welcome news to people in Ohio. Stronger economies usually mean higher incomes, which can positively benefit many other areas of life. But is it all good news? Having a stronger economy and higher incomes actually influences certain aspects of family law.

Despite what some people might think, the increased financial security of a strong economy does not alleviate the money worries that many couples experience. Since money is a significant contributor to stress in relationships and a common contributor to divorce, it would probably take more than a slightly higher influx of cash to alleviate that problem. Instead, having more money gives some people the confidence to leave an unhappy marriage. Here is why.

Financial infidelity can lead to divorce and impact outcomes

Financial infidelity has been growing in popularity, and the prevalence of this behavior could be contributing to divorce rates throughout the country. Over 40% of Americans now admit to keeping financial secrets from their spouses.

In general, secrets and lies can lead to arguments and the breakdown of a marriage. While financial infidelity could contribute to the breakdown of your marriage, it could also affect your divorce outcome.

Family law: How does alimony work in Ohio?

This year, there will be quite a few married couples in Ohio who choose to call it quits on their relationships. In every one of these family law cases, each party is likely to have a million questions that they need answered before they finalize their divorces. One question commonly asked by both sides is: How does alimony work?

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is money provided from one spouse to the other. Spousal support can be negotiated as part of a divorce agreement or it can be fought for in court. If the issue goes to court, there are no guarantees that a judge will grant an alimony request. There are certain factors that have to be considered before the court will approve the request for spousal support. Some of these factors are:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The ages of both parties
  • Income level of each spouse
  • Standard of living
  • Marital contribution of each party
  • Lost income potential
  • Financial need of the petitioner

Ohio criminal law: Is your child facing criminal charges?

No parent wants to get a call from the police saying that his or her child has been arrested. Unfortunately, you have found yourself in this position and now you are wondering what you should do and how you can help your child. An attorney experienced in criminal law in Ohio will be able to answer any questions you might have.

It is not uncommon for kids to make mistakes. When they do, hopefully, they learn and use better judgment the next time around. Unfortunately, when criminal charges come into play, their mistakes can have lifelong consequences. Some people mistakenly believe that a juvenile record will not come back to hurt them later, but the truth is having a juvenile record can affect your child's chances of getting into college, obtaining a good job, securing a place to live as an adult and obtaining any sort of bank account or lines of credit.

Ohio family law: The many forms of parental alienation

Parental alienation is a term often misused. It is not just about one parent keeping children from their other parent. It is about one parent turning the kids on the other parent, poisoning that parent-child relationship. Parental alienation is something commonly seen in the world of family law. It comes in many forms and may affect numerous Ohio families every year.

According to a practicing mental health counselor in another state, there are actually three forms of parental alienation. These are active, obsessive and naive. Active alienation is when one parent does or says things that make a child feel that he or she has to be loyal to that parent. These feelings of loyalty will cause a child to essentially shut down and withhold information from their other parent.

Financial records can expose hidden assets during a divorce

During or after the breakdown of a marriage, it is common for spouses to distrust each other. However, sometimes this distrust is justified. Although it is unethical and illegal, a spouse will sometimes try to hide financial assets to avoid splitting them during divorce. If you think your spouse could be hiding assets, it is important to act quickly to avoid any additional marital assets disappearing.

People usually hide assets by transferring the assets to someone else temporarily, claiming the asset was lost, creating fake debt or denying the asset existed at all. However, it is often possible to find a paper trail for these money movements.

Ohio family law: Divorce can get ugly

When a marriage comes to an end, it is normal to want the divorce process to be quick, painless and peaceful. Some Ohio couples are able to accomplish that while others are not. Divorce can get ugly for some couples -- it is just a fact of life. Regardless if one's dissolution is amicable or a mess, a family law attorney can help one through it.

An example of a marriage gone sour and a divorce getting out of hand was recently shared by a divorce attorney in another state. She has practiced for more than two decades and has pretty much seen it all. This particular case, though, was one of the worst she has ever experienced.

New law attempts to decrease distracted driving in Ohio

It's no secret that the Buckeye State needs to reduce distracted driving. In the last couple of years, the number of pedestrian deaths in Ohio continuously increased to the point where 2017 gave us the most fatalities in the decade. 2018 does not look to be faring well either. Many of these accidents were the result of motorists not paying attention to the road in front of them.

Recently, the state chose to pass House Bill 95 to reduce the number of distracted drivers in the state. This new law came into effect last Monday on October 29. It is important to be aware of this new law and what it does so you are aware of the potential penalties you could face in a distracted driving accusation.

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