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Ohio family law: Protecting your business in the event of divorce

A good number of men and women in Ohio own their own companies. The last thing they want is for something to tear their businesses apart. Unfortunately, the one thing that may end up doing just that is their marriages. The sad reality is, not all marriages make it. If, with the assistance of a family law attorney, the proper steps are not taken to protect one's business, it may not survive the divorce process.

A Forbes article was recently published regarding women business owners and how they need to divorce-proof their companies. In the article, it discussed two women in particular. One had co-founded a company with her husband and another who opened her business all on her own.

Ohio family law courts may consider your child's custody wishes

Divorce is hard on children. The way custody arrangements are set up can help make it a little easier for them to deal with how their family dynamic is changing. At some point, Ohio family law courts may even allow them to have a say in terms of who they want to live with.

Giving a child a say when it comes to custody matters is actually a big deal. Not all states offer this. Ohio does, but courts are very careful about when to allow a child's wishes impact a custody outcome.

Ohio criminal law: Charged with shoplifting?

Ohio residents who find themselves facing shoplifting charges may not think they have much to fear. It is a minor crime, right? No one is hurt by it, are they? The truth is, shoplifting is not a minor crime and business owners and consumers are hurt by it. The consequences of conviction can be significant, which is why having a criminal law attorney on one's side may prove invaluable when fighting such a charge in court.

Shoplifting is defined as purposefully removing or attempting to remove goods from a place of business with the intent to not pay for them. Shoplifting is broken down into two different categories: petty theft and grand theft. It all comes down to the value of the merchandise one is accused of stealing.

Ohio family law: Everything you need to know about child support

When divorcing or separating from one's significant other and children are involved, one party will likely have to pay child support. It is generally how it goes. Ohio family law courts just want not make sure children have the financial support they need to be taken care of. Unfortunately, the child support issue can be a bit confusing. This column will address the basics of how child support works in Ohio.

Every state has a specific calculation for figuring out a base child support amount. The court will look at how many children require support, how much each parent makes and how much time the children will spend with each parent. All forms of income are considered when figuring out one's support obligation. Once this base amount is determined, the court may increase how much the paying parent is responsible for depending on any extra needs of the affected children and what standard of living the children were used to when their parents were together.

Facing a DUI charge? A criminal law attorney can help with that

If you are accused of driving under the influence in Ohio, you likely have a lot of questions about what this can mean for your future. Will you have to spend time behind bars? What other consequences are tied to a DUI conviction? Is there any way out of this? An experienced criminal law attorney will be able to answer these and any other questions you have about your case.

When charged with DUI, it is normal to feel uncertain and even scared about what will happen next. You have no idea how this can affect you and your family. What you need to know about DUI charges is this:

  • The more offenses you have on your record, the greater the penalties will be if you are convicted this time around.
  • Police are not perfect.
  • An arrest and DUI charge does not guarantee a conviction.
  • Refusing sobriety testing can work to your benefit.

Let a family law attorney help with your gray divorce

Many older couples are choosing to end their marriages right before or during their retirement years. There are a number of reasons for this, but some believe many who do this just want to live out their retirement years without being tied down in unhappy marriages. Whatever the reason, Ohio residents who file for divorce later in life may want an experienced family law attorney at their sides to help them through the process.

For the last several decades, the United States has seen gray divorce rates slowly rising. With this increase in later-in-life divorces have come concerns over the splitting of complex assets -- such as retirement accounts. Few people plan for divorce right before or during retirement. The thought of having to divide retirement accounts can be devastating to some.

Ohio family law: The collaborative divorce

If you are one of the many Ohio residents who is looking into getting a divorce this year or in the near future, you likely have some questions about your options for completing the process. The good news is, you do have options. There are several ways to finalize your divorce. Collaborative divorce, for example, is an option for those couples who want to keep family law issues private and out of court.

Collaborate means to work jointly or cooperate in order to achieve a common goal. In a collaborative divorce, a couple works together to create a divorce agreement that they feel will serve their best interests. It can work even if there are complex issues at play, such as child custody and support matters, spousal support concerns and complicated property issues that need to be addressed.

Ohio personal injury: Recoverable damages following car accidents

Those who have suffered injuries in Ohio auto accidents likely have a number of questions about seeking compensation for their losses. Can they seek compensation? If they can, what damages are recoverable? Is pursuing a personal injury claim the right thing to do? An experienced attorney will have the ability to review one's case and answer these and any other questions one might have on the matter.

If a person does have a case for compensation, he or she may be wondering how much he or she might walk away with when all is said and done. The simple truth of the matter is, every case is different. There are no guarantees that one will achieve a certain amount. It all depends on the losses sustained, the responsible party's level of negligence and what damages the state deems recoverable.

Criminal law: Child endangerment charges filed against Ohio woman

An Ohio woman has found herself in trouble with the law due to the conditions of her home. Police received complaints about a strong odor coming from this individual's apartment. What they found inside resulted in the woman being charged with child endangerment. A criminal law attorney may be able to help this individual navigate the court system.

According to a recent news report, police visited the home of the 31-year-old woman back in July. Upon approaching her front door, officers claim they could smell a strong odor coming from inside. When they entered the apartment, they claim to have found several bags of trash, spoiled food and dirty beds. The accused was home with her three children when authorities entered. She and her kids were removed and taken to her sister's home.

Business litigation over non-compete agreements happen

Non-compete agreements are pretty commonplace in the business world these days. Employers utilize them in order to protect their companies. The problem business owners in Ohio may have with these agreements is that they can open them up to business litigation if they are not worded correctly, or if the terms laid out in these documents are unreasonable.

What exactly is the purpose of a non-compete agreement? This is a contract between an employer and an employee. Once signed, it means that the employee agrees not to use company information in order to directly compete with the business owner if he or she ultimately leaves the company.

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