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Empathy, sincerity and tailored advocacy in a wrongful death matter

Life sometimes deals cruel blows to families that can seem nearly incomprehensible. That is especially true in cases where a loved one’s life is taken owing to the negligent actions of one or multiple parties.

There is obviously one focus only for surviving family members in such an instance, and that is on grieving. Many other things that customarily seem important can become instantly trivialized. Families must deal with their loss.

Factoring in compensation types in a divorce

Proven family law attorneys with a demonstrated record of advocacy on behalf of diverse clients in high net worth divorces know that asset-linked issues can be comparatively challenging in such matters.

For starters, dissolutions featuring a high degree of wealth frequently focus closely upon myriad and varied property sources. An experienced high-asset divorce team in such cases routinely identifies, accurately values and ensures the equitable distribution of marital assets across a broad spectrum. Those can range from various investment/retirement accounts, a family business and company perks to stock options, bonuses, commissions and more.

Child adoption in Ohio

Nearly 16,000 Ohioan children are looking for a loving family to adopt them. If you are considering adoption, you may be ready to share your home and love with a child.

Whether you are planning to adopt on your own, with a spouse, or as a family, the adoption process can be long and discouraging. There are resources you can contact for guidance. The adoption agency that you choose will be able to walk you through the process.

Husband, son awarded $6.55 million in medical malpractice suit

For most families in Ohio and across the country, the time leading up to the birth of a baby is one filled with anticipation and excitement over what the future will bring. While there are inherent risks associated with the process of labor and delivery, many of them can be avoided or treated when quality health care is provided. Unfortunately, one man experienced both the happiness of his son's birth and the grief of his wife's death in a short period of time; this loss, he claims, was the result of medical malpractice

The man filed a wrongful death lawsuit in response to his wife's death, naming nine physicians, the hospital where the woman received treatment and the hospital's parent company as defendants. The lawsuit accuses the defendants of negligence during and after the birth of his now 3-year-old son in Oct. 2015 that led to his wife's death. Because the woman was experiencing preeclampsia, she was induced at 35 weeks; her son was ultimately delivered by cesarean section.

Ohio family law: Helping kids deal with divorce

Divorce, no matter how it is approached, can be difficult for children to accept. According to a published licensed clinical social worker, it is simply traumatizing for children and can have a significant impact on their future relationships. To help ease the blow, there are certain things that parents in Ohio and elsewhere can do to help their kids deal with this very serious family law matter.

One thing the LCSW suggested was that children receive counseling to work through their feelings in a positive, safe environment. This may prove particularly helpful if one's divorce is on the ugly side. Children see and hear more than their parents think they do at times. Unfortunately, they do not always feel comfortable bringing up things that are bothering them when Mom or Dad are stressed and angry themselves. Attending counseling sessions could be a good outlet.

A prenup may be especially important for a second marriage

A prenuptial agreement may not have been on your radar the first time you got married. This may have worked out alright if you had few assets. However, your life has probably changed a great deal since then.

If you are preparing to enter a subsequent marriage, it may be wise to consider if a prenup might be appropriate for your current situation. While prenups can be valuable to almost any couple, this agreement may be especially beneficial for those entering marriage later in life.

Ohio family law: Wedding debt may lead to divorce

Getting married is fun, exciting and stressful all at the same time. Couples in Ohio want their day to be perfect, which is understandable. For some, that will mean taking on debt to have the wedding party of their dreams. That may seem worth it at the time, but those in family law circles have found that nuptial debt can lead to divorce. 

Most people have debt of some sort. It seems to be a normal part of life these days for married couples. It is also the cause of numerous marital fights. Finances are often a touchy subject. It becomes even more so when money is beyond tight. 

Ohio family law: When money problems lead to divorce

Money, money, money: It is needed to live a certain life, but it is the cause of numerous marital problems. A recently published article named it the top thing about which married couples fight. Here are a few of the main reasons money causes so much trouble in marriage and some information about how a family law attorney can help Ohio residents who wish to get out of their marriages because of money issues.

Having different financial priorities rather than being on the same page about money simply does not work out well. Couples who have shared goals and actually work toward those goals together tend to find success in married life. When goals are made, but only one spouse is working toward them, it can cause a lot of resentment.

Ohio criminal law: Elements needed in a forgery case

Those who stand accused of committing forgery in the state of Ohio may face significant consequences if they are ultimately convicted. In other words, this is not a charge to take lightly. What can a criminal law attorney do to assist someone facing such accusations?

Forgery comes in many forms. There is copying art and selling it as original work. There is making fake documents. There is signing someone else's name to a document without his or her authorization -- among other things.

Is family law linked to the state of the economy?

Learning that the economy is doing well may come as welcome news to people in Ohio. Stronger economies usually mean higher incomes, which can positively benefit many other areas of life. But is it all good news? Having a stronger economy and higher incomes actually influences certain aspects of family law.

Despite what some people might think, the increased financial security of a strong economy does not alleviate the money worries that many couples experience. Since money is a significant contributor to stress in relationships and a common contributor to divorce, it would probably take more than a slightly higher influx of cash to alleviate that problem. Instead, having more money gives some people the confidence to leave an unhappy marriage. Here is why.

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