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Understanding Marital Dissolution

At Smith Meier & Webb, LPA, family law firm, our experienced attorneys assist people with uncontested divorces, known in Ohio as marital dissolutions. These are cases in which the parties jointly plan to end their marriage and agree about the terms of the dissolution.

When both divorcing spouses are “on the same page” for ending a relationship, uncontested divorce issues of child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support can be remedied quickly and easily. We can also assist with equitable distribution of assets and property, including pension and retirement valuation and division.

Is the valuation and division of a closely held family business in play during your uncontested divorce? Even in the absence of a prenuptial agreement, we work hard to locate consensus and make progress toward a settlement that is amenable to all concerned.

Are you a self-employed person or business executive who is ending your marriage? Our law firm offers supportive, informative counsel that addresses your unique concerns.

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Traditional and same-sex family law clients alike should bring your divorce and family law issues to our Smith, Meier & Webb, LPA, lawyers in Springboro. No case is too large or too small. For an initial consultation with our attorneys, call 937-557-0128 or send an email message.