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We Understand The Complexities Of High Net Worth Divorce

Dividing Significant Marital Assets In Divorce

A divorce involving high net worth assets requires the involvement of a lawyer experienced in such matters. Because property division can affect spousal support, even in divorces with modest assets, it is critical to consult a family law attorney who fully understands the implications of property division.

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At our Springboro, Ohio law firm, we represent men and women in high net worth divorces. Our principal attorney, John D. Smith, has been handling these cases since 1980. He uses his knowledge and experience to guide clients through the process, protecting their rights, their assets and their futures. He understands the need for efficiency and practical solutions and saves clients time and money as a result.

Issues In High Net Worth Divorce

While almost any type of asset can complicate matters, property that includes businesses of any size is often the most difficult to divide. The value of a business is tied to cash flow, receivables and tax liabilities. Separating these factors and assigning a value to a company is something that is best performed by knowledgeable forensic accountants. Our law firm prides itself on evaluating the need for such experts and employing only the best experts in these matters — specialists who focus on the issues in question rather than expanding the scope of their investigations. This alone helps us limit client costs.

In addition to valuing businesses, our law firm ensures that all property is included for division. We look for hidden assets, value pensions and other retirement plans, and ensure that all debts are also part of the final calculation. We make sure to include significant personal property, such as art, antiques and real estate.

How We Can Help

One reason we can limit the cost of experts is that our firm’s lawyers understand business operations. Our attorneys have experience reading and interpreting operating statements, tax returns and annual reports. One of the biggest issues in a divorce involving extensive marital assets is that business owners are reluctant to pay twice — once when dividing the business and again when paying spousal support. Clients who are business owners require protection of their assets. Our attorneys have the experience to provide this service.

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