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Effective Local Representation For College Students Accused Of Crimes

Ohio college students, especially those with out-of-state roots, need effective local defense representation when a criminal charge interrupts their personal lives and academic momentum.

At John D. Smith Co., L.P.A., in Springboro, we have the skilled criminal law attorneys who can protect your minor child's rights if he or she has been arrested for a fake ID, underage drinking, DUI/OVI, a sex crime, drug crime, internet crime, theft, a violent crime or any other misdemeanor or felony offense.

Among quality legal services we have offered to students for the past 30-plus years are in-depth investigation of charges, thorough case preparation, negotiations to reduce or dismiss those charges and aggressive advocacy in a courtroom if necessary.

Experienced College Student Crime Defense Attorneys — Diverse Practice — Personal Attention

Our compassionate criminal law attorneys believe in second chances for young people after their first brush with the law. In the event of a guilty verdict, we recommend less harsh, alternative punishments that still send a strong message. If you are the parent of a student enrolled at the University of Dayton, Wright State or any other school in the region, and you want to be spared the inconveniences of travel expenses and constant emotional stress, we can handle your youngster's legal matter and bring you peace of mind.

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