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Ohio family law: sole custody

Right now, joint child custody is all the rage. It is believed to be best for children and their parents, as it allows for the continued growth of parental-child relationships even after marriages fail. While there is a shift in family law circles to push for shared custody, sometimes, sole custody is still the best option for some Ohio families. 

Ohio family law: My spouse used me for my money

When getting married, no one wants to think about everything that can go wrong. No one wants to think that their soon-to-be spouse has an alternative reasoning for getting married. Unfortunately, in family law circles in Ohio and elsewhere, it is not uncommon to see instances where one spouse took advantage of the other and then filed for divorce. It happens. The question, then, is what will one do about it to try and make it right during divorce proceedings?

New family law trend: splitting up but staying together

The whole point of getting a divorce is to free oneself from a toxic relationship. Ohio couples who have tried to make their marriages work but who have been unsuccessful at doing so just want to move on with their lives. When children are involved, though, or finances are not in a good place, moving on may not be as easy as people think. This is why the new family law trend of splitting up but staying together is gaining traction. 

Family law mistakes to avoid

When going through the divorce process in Ohio or elsewhere, there are a lot of mistakes that people make that only end up hurting them in the long run. Some of these mistakes can be avoided easily, especially is one has an experienced family law attorney at his or her side. Here are some of the most common mistakes made during the divorce process.

Ohio family law: Types of joint custody living arrangements

Divorce is hard. Divorce when children are involved is even more so. More parents, and courts, in Ohio are choosing joint child custody arrangements -- as they are proven, in many cases, to serve the best interests of the children. Figuring out how to make such arrangements work, though, can take some time. A family law attorney can help create a custody plan that fits a family's needs.

How Bitcoin is creating problems in family law circles

Bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency, has been in the news quite frequently since its inception in 2009. Most recently, it made headlines for its massive value gains and losses -- that is what most investors care about, right? However, another reason it has been in the news as of late is due to the problems it is causing in family law circles in Ohio and elsewhere.

Ohio family law: Is mediation a good fit?

The idea of going through a divorce may seem rather daunting. Movies and television make it seem like fighting things out in court is the norm -- this is not true, however. Not everyone wants to or has to go that route. Ohio residents can utilize mediation, which is a family law alternative dispute resolution method that can save time and money, and put a couple in control.

Ohio family law: Fail to pay child support, go to jail

Ever wonder what happens to parents who fail to financially support their children? One man in another state found that not meeting his child support obligation has criminal consequences. This is a family law enforcement option in place to keep support-paying parents in Ohio and elsewhere accountable.

Your business' value subject to family law division

Figuring out how assets are to be divided when going through a divorce can be a challenge. Some things, like a privately owned business, may not, itself, be subject to division, but the value of it may be taken into consideration when it comes to determining any financial settlements offered to one's spouse. Ohio family law is written to ensure each party walks away with a relatively fair share of marital assets -- a business being considered a significant marital asset.

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