Financial considerations during divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2024 | Divorce

To safeguard your financial situation during divorce, you need a clear picture of what is happening with it. This includes knowing all your assets, debts and regular income and expenses. 

Make a comprehensive list of your bank accounts, investments, property and other significant assets, along with any outstanding debts such as loans or credit card balances. Understanding your monthly expenses is crucial to anticipate post-divorce financial needs.

Separate and protect your finances

As soon as you anticipate a divorce, it’s advisable to start separating your finances from your spouse’s. Open individual bank accounts and start directing your personal income there. 

It’s important to separate your finances to protect your assets and avoid confusion about ownership. However, remember to avoid making significant financial decisions or large purchases during the divorce process without legal advice, as this might affect the divorce proceedings.

Gather and organize financial documents

Ensure all financial documents, like tax returns, bank statements and investment records, are in order and accessible. These documents will be crucial for the fair distribution of assets.

Budget for the future

Post-divorce life will bring new financial realities. Creating a realistic budget that reflects your expected income and expenses after the divorce is essential. This budget should include living expenses, savings goals and any child or spousal support obligations. Adjusting to a single income might require lifestyle changes, so plan and budget accordingly.

Monitor credit and update legal documents

Regularly monitor your credit report to ensure your financial security isn’t compromised during the divorce. This will also help spot any unauthorized debts taken out in your name. 

Additionally, update all legal documents, including your will, power of attorney and beneficiaries on insurance policies and retirement accounts, to reflect your new circumstances post-divorce.

Following these steps, you can protect your finances and prepare for a stable future post-divorce.