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Family law: When women make more money than men

In traditional relationships, husbands most often make more money than their wives. It has been this way for a long time. However, in Ohio and elsewhere things are changing. More women are starting to make more money than their husbands. This has changed their relationships and changed how family law settlements are drafted if a couple ends up getting divorced.

Ohio family law: Child support and being honest about income

Ever hear the phrase honesty is the best policy? That is true for most aspects of one's life. Lying can have significant consequences. For example, in the family law world in Ohio or elsewhere, lying about income to get a lower child support obligation can hurt one's children and cause one to face criminal consequences.

Ohio policeman suffers personal injury in crash

An Ohio policeman was driving near his home when his patrol car was forced off the road by an SUV. He suffered injuries in the event. It is unclear if the officer was on the clock at the time of the incident. If he was, workers' compensation may cover some of his losses; if he wasn't, receiving fair compensation may prove difficult. A personal injury claim could help him fight for maximum relief.

SUVs impact pedestrian personal injury and death statistics

Sport utility vehicles can be seen on roads all over the state of Ohio. The larger cars are quite popular for a number of reasons, and it would seem that they will continue to be the vehicle of choice for many people for the unforeseeable future. According to a recent report, the increase of SUV production and use over the last decade have had a negative impact on pedestrian safety. Pedestrians are suffering severe personal injury or even death more now than ever before. 

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