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April 2016 Archives

Medical malpractice and hospital negligence often go hand in hand

Last time, we looked briefly at a recent report which showed that preventable deaths occur much more frequently at hospitals with poor performance ratings than at hospitals with high performance ratings. This led us into a discussion about the interrelation between physician negligence and hospital negligence. As we noted, facilities sometimes enable negligent physicians to continue practicing when they really shouldn't.

Report looks at connection between poor hospital quality and incidence of preventable deaths

Quality medical care is not equally accessible to all Americans. We know, for example, that good medical care is less available to those who live in rural areas and inner cities. Where you receive your medical care, the quality of care an institution offers, can make a significant difference in patient health outcomes.

Physician negligence and misconduct: two separate issues that often go together for patients, P.2

In our previous post, we began looking at the distinction between physician misconduct and medical negligence, and the different avenues through which these things are handled. As we noted, medical malpractice and physician misconduct often go together, but it isn't always feasible for a patient to pursue a malpractice claim.

Physician negligence and misconduct: two separate issues that often go together for patients, P.1

Physician misconduct and negligence often go hand in hand, despite the fact that there is a different avenue for handling each. Negligence refers to malpractice, which is dealt with through the tort system in the courts. Misconduct, by contrast, is handled by state medical boards, which are responsible for issues of physician licensing and discipline.

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