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April 2014 Archives

After needing second appendectomy, patient sues hospital, doctor

Imagine going to the hospital for a routine surgery. You know that doctors perform this operation all the time, so you are confident that everything will go smoothly. Although the surgery goes well, you start feeling pain again a few months later. After being rushed to the hospital, you learn that your original surgery did not go as it should have. In fact, you need the same surgery again.

Study: Outpatient misdiagnosis is a big problem

As a culture, we place a great deal of faith in the medical profession. We need to. Doctors go through extensive education and training to learn the profession. Many people in southwestern Ohio teach their kids that it is better to make a doctor’s appointment than to self-diagnose. But, if a physician fails to properly assess a situation, fails to order the proper tests that the standard of care suggests, lands on the wrong diagnosis or makes a mistake that otherwise delays a diagnosis, a patient can suffer dire harm.

Barcoded sponges make surgery safer for patients

When a patient in Ohio goes to the hospital for an invasive surgery, one of the tools doctors often use are sponges. Medical sponges help soak up blood so doctors can see the area that they are operating on. While sponges are important in surgeries, too often, they get left behind. What we mean by this is that doctors complete a surgery but fail to remove all sponges from the patient before stitching up the incision. These left-behind sponges can cause serious and long-term problems in patients. 

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