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April 2017 Archives

Ohio criminal law: Charged with theft -- now what?

Theft is typically defined as taking another person's property without consent with the intent of depriving that person of it permanently. As far as Ohio criminal law is concerned, the alleged details of one's case will be used to determine the category and degree of theft charges that are ultimately filed. This, of course, will impact the severity of the potential consequences tied to a conviction.

Ohio family law: Child support Q and A, part II

As mentioned in a previous post, parents in Ohio who are dealing with child support issues are likely to have numerous questions. This week's column will be a continuation of that post and will answer three questions specifically regarding support reviews and modifications. Again, if one requires further clarification on these topics, a family law attorney will be able to provide the information needed.

A family law attorney can assist with a collaborative divorce

Going through a traditional divorce is not for everyone. There are numerous couples in Ohio who are ready to dissolve their marriages but want a better way to get it done. State laws allow a collaborative divorce option as an alternative to the traditional process. This is something with which a family law attorney can assist.

Ohio family law: Child support Q and A, part I

Divorcing couples in Ohio who have children are likely to have a lot of questions regarding how child support works. This can be a complicated family law subject to tackle, as every child's needs are different and every parent's individual situation is unique. However, this column will go over two common questions that parents may have regarding basic child support guidelines.

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