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Unhappy with the state-calculated child support amount?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Family Law

Not everyone leaves their marriage with divorce terms with which they are truly satisfied — particularly when it comes to money matters. Child support is one of those things that parents in Ohio and elsewhere tend to fight over. The state offers a basic calculation for child support that is used to find how much the support providing parent needs to pay. If you are unhappy with that base amount, you may be able to negotiate for more or less, depending on your circumstances and the needs of your children.

Child support is generally determined by looking at each parent’s income, the number of children requiring support and the specific needs of those children. The base amount received by utilizing the state’s child support formula is usually just enough to cover a child’s most basic needs, not much more. The state stands pretty firm on that base amount, rarely allowing the paying parent to pay less — unless a loss of income is experienced. The payment amount can go up if there is sufficient reason for it, such as the need to maintain a certain standard of living or if outside child care is required — among various other things.

Whether you are going to be the paying or receiving parent, you likely have certain expectations when it comes to your child support order. Your biggest concern is likely that you want it to be fair and you want it to meet your kids’ needs. If you feel that the amount does not accomplish either of these things, you certainly can take steps to do something about it. Legal counsel can help you negotiate or litigate terms that truly fit your family’s needs.

Child support can be difficult to figure out. Parents in Ohio and elsewhere do not always agree on what is right for their children or what qualifies as needs rather than wants. If you and your spouse are struggling to reach agreeable child support terms, legal counsel can help you fight for what you believe is fair. To learn more about how an attorney can help you with this particular issue, please visit our firm’s website.