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Ohio family law: Child support and being honest about income

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Family Law

Ever hear the phrase honesty is the best policy? That is true for most aspects of one’s life. Lying can have significant consequences. For example, in the family law world in Ohio or elsewhere, lying about income to get a lower child support obligation can hurt one’s children and cause one to face criminal consequences.

A 40-year-old man in another state almost got away with lying to the court about his income in order to reduce the amount he had to pay to his child’s mother. In 2013, this individual is said to have filed false payroll documents with the court showing a reduction in income that he claimed was the result of a schedule change. The court accepted these documents and granted him a support order that, over the years, resulted in him paying over $15,000 less in support. An investigation into another matter uncovered this issue.

Committing perjury is a criminal offense. This father is facing a number of criminal charges at the moment. If convicted he could lose his job as a police officer and wind up behind bars for up to seven years.

Most people in Ohio and elsewhere would agree that the child support issue is not one that is worth achieving a criminal record over. One’s family law attorney can assist in fighting for a support order that is fair for the individual having to pay. After an initial order is put into action, if a modification proves necessary, help can be provided in seeking the necessary changes.