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Ohio family law: Child support Q and A, part II

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2017 | Family Law

As mentioned in a previous post, parents in Ohio who are dealing with child support issues are likely to have numerous questions. This week’s column will be a continuation of that post and will answer three questions specifically regarding support reviews and modifications. Again, if one requires further clarification on these topics, a family law attorney will be able to provide the information needed.

Question number one is: Do I qualify for a support review or modification? In order for one to qualify for a child support review or modification, one of two situations must be met. The first is that it has been a minimum of 36 months since the order was put in place or since the last review or modification occurred. The second is that one has experienced a change in circumstances.

Question number two is: What must I do to request a support review or modification? In order to have one’s case reviewed, the appropriate request form will need to be submitted to the child support enforcement agency. Along with the form, one will need to submit documentation supporting his or her request — such as a personal statement, public assistance or unemployment benefit information or documents supplied by one’s employer.

Question number three is: What happens after I submit my request? If one requests just an administrative review, the CSEA will have 180 days to review one’s case and make a recommendation for or against any changes. If changes are suggested and both parties agree, the support order may be amended. If a support modification review is submitted, the same review will take place but any suggestions will be sent to court where the modification request will be handled.

Child support reviews and modifications are not necessarily easy to obtain. Those in Ohio who desire changes to their current orders can seek the assistance of a family law attorney to help them with their cases. With the right help, the appropriate actions can be taken to deal with the support issue at hand.

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