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Some reasons to want a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Divorce

In the past, people often thought about prenups being tools for the rich and famous, with a very small percentage of the population choosing to collaborate on a prenup before their marriage. However, prenups have increased in popularity with a wide range of couples, even those who are not coming into the marriage with significant assets. Because of what crafting a fair prenup entails, it can be beneficial to your marriage in Ohio long-term, even if you never head towards divorce.

The traditional benefits

Traditionally, prenupcial agreements were created to protect individual assets accrued before marriage. A prenup could define which assets would be considered marital property and which would remain individual, how these would be divided during a divorce and how they could be protected for children from a previous marriage in case of the death of one spouse. Prenups could prevent unnecessary conflicts over finances throughout marriage and in the case of divorce.

How prenups can benefit your marriage

However, the benefits of prenups can also expand into your marriage. This can help strengthen your relationship with your spouse throughout your marriage. Some of the ways your relationship can benefit from a prenup include:

  • Helping you develop a more open and honest line of communication with your spouse
  • Encouraging you and your spouse to make joint financial decisions
  • Preventing misrepresentations and conflicts over financial values, goals and beliefs
  • Building trust between the spouses Reducing stress over the future and over finances
  • Allowing you and your spouse to maintain separate identities and autonomy

If you are about to get married, you might consider collaborating with your future spouse to craft a fair, balanced prenup which can take away many financial worries as you start your new life together. This can then leave you free to focus on your relationship and help it grow stronger.