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There are basic facts to know about an Ohio divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce is so common in Ohio that people might be under the impression that it is a simple process. In truth, it can be quite complex. One issue that should be understood is whether the objective is a dissolution or a divorce. They are not the same.

There are key distinctions between dissolution and divorce

Ohio law differentiates between dissolution and divorce based on the situation. Dissolution is simpler. A divorce is more complicated as there are many factors to address.

In a dissolution, the spouses want to end the marriage and move on. Neither party is contesting the case. However, a divorce means one person is claiming the other did something to warrant the divorce. Grounds for divorce include adultery and having committed abuse.

This is essential because when a person files for divorce and the case proceeds, they will also need to determine child custody, visitation and support. There might be a spousal support order. People will need to decide on property division.

Even in a divorce, there is the chance that the sides will negotiate and agree without needing to go to court. Still, if the gap is too wide and the parties are at odds, it might need to go to trial. That includes providing all financial information as the case is investigated. As this shows, divorce issues may be harder to sift through than people realize.

People should be prepared for what they will face in a divorce

The difference between a dissolution and a divorce is just one part of a case that people need to know about from its outset. Full preparation and awareness as to which type of filing is necessary is vital to achieve the goal of ending the marriage and moving forward.