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Should divorced Ohio parents host joint family outings?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Family Law

Ohio couples get divorced for many reasons, but it becomes twice as hard when children are involved. Family traditions suddenly look very different, which can upset children.

When it comes to yearly vacations and outings, it can be upsetting, and expensive, to do two vacations and ruin traditions. It’s natural for family traditions to look different, but some parents might wonder where they can compromise for the sake of their children.

Are joint family outings a good idea?

Sometimes divorced parents who are committed to co-parenting will still talk to each other and complete certain family outings together. For example, divorced parents might still get together to watch their children’s sports games or go to a special event.

There might be some worry that doing this will give their children the wrong idea, or false hope that the parents will get back together. However, the children must know their parents still love them. It can also be healthy to set an example of two adults who are willing to be friends and stay in each other’s lives, even after going through a divorce.

When to avoid joint family outings

Joint family outings and events after divorce aren’t always a great idea. For example, if the divorce was particularly ugly or one parent isn’t fit to be in the children’s lives, you’ll want to avoid inviting them to outings.

While close co-parenting won’t work for every family, there are only benefits if you can get it to work and it’s safe to do so. Many divorced parents struggle with preserving their children’s sense of stability and routine after divorce – being willing to come together when their children need them is essential.