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What are three myths about divorce that parents should ignore?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Divorce

Throughout your divorce, one of your greatest concerns will probably be the mental well-being of your children. After all, going through a divorce in Springboro, Ohio can be disruptive and painful for everyone. Young children often lack the ability to communicate or even understand all that they’re feeling throughout this time. As you negotiate child custody terms with your ex, it’s important to avoid many of the most common myths about divorce and its impact on kids. Following are three of these myths along with information on why they’re so harmful.

Divorce only causes children emotional pain

Watching your family dissolve is hard, especially at a young age. Surprisingly, however, emotional pain isn’t the only pain that your child can experience. The stress of a divorce can cause kids to experience changes in their appetites and sleep patterns and can even lead to lowered immune system performance. To combat emotional stress, consider having your child work with a therapist. If weight loss, weight gain, nail-biting, or frequent illnesses become a problem, schedule an appointment with your child’s pediatrician as well.

Splitting holidays is always best for your children

Splitting holidays might seem like the best thing for kids, but it can actually cause a lot of unnecessary stress and ruin the joy of celebrations. For instance, spending Christmas Eve with one parent then Christmas day with the other can result in lengthy and stressful travel times and missed opportunities to relax. It’s far better to find other ways to divide holidays so that kids can enjoy themselves fully.

You can co-parent effectively with two different sets of rules

Good co-parenting is a team effort in every way. It’s never beneficial for children to have two different sets of rules when splitting their time between two households. This causes confusion. Consistent expectations and consequences ensure that neither parent becomes “the strict parent” or “the fun parent”.

Taking the time to research divorce and other family law topics is important. With all of the misinformation being circulated, parents should avoid making decisions based on common divorce myths. With the right information, you and your ex can arrive at a custody plan that works well for everyone.