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Ohio takes hard, uncompromising stance in DUI/OVI cases

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Criminal Defense

We prominently stress on a website page of our proven and broad-based Ohio law firm in Springboro what Smith, Meier & Webb is centrally about.

We note therein that our attorneys’ fundamental and overriding goal always “is to protect the innocent and manage outcomes for people who made a mistake.”

We don’t judge. Rather, we diligently seek in every matter to maximally safeguard clients’ rights and to optimally promote their interests concerning the legal challenge they face.

That might relate to a family concern. Some valued clients who need our help have suffered personal injuries caused by third-party negligence. Others face criminal law challenges.

We spotlight in today’s blog post Ohio drunk driving charges, which many Ohio residents confront at some time in their lives. A behind-the-wheel stop on a state roadway that results in a DUI/OVI charge (driving under the influence; operating a vehicle under the influence) is an onerous scenario in every instance. We stress on our website that state law enforcers “take drunk driving seriously.”

That means that penalties for a conviction are likely to be multiple and harsh. They commonly include jail time, license suspension, a heavy fine and attendant court costs, spiked insurance rates, alcohol assessment sessions and reputational injury. They can also result in job loss for individuals who must drive to earn a living.

An Ohio motorist having any questions or concerns regarding a DUI/OVI matter might reasonably want to secure knowledgeable and aggressive legal help without delay. The stakes are high, and a proven legal team can work immediately to address them and mitigate their effects to the fullest extent possible.