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Ohio family law: When your ex won’t follow the divorce agreement

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Family Law

A divorce agreement is a legally binding contract. Once signed, both parties are expected to live up to the terms; in fact, it typically is included in and survives the judgment of divorce. Unfortunately, some people in Ohio and elsewhere find that their exes will not abide by the settlement contract. When that happens, a family law attorney may be able to help with term enforcement. This type of issue is currently being seen in the Terry and Linda Bollea divorce case.

Terry Bollea, famously known as Hulk Hogan, was married to Linda for 25 years before their union officially ended in divorce. His wife reportedly did a lot to help him build his Hulkamania business. As such, she requested that she be granted 40 percent of future earnings as part of the divorce settlement. Hogan agreed to this, and he also gave Linda properties valued at $3 million and 70 percent of their liquid assets.

The couple’s divorce was completed nine years ago, but their legal battle over assets is far from over. Linda claims that her ex-husband has not lived up to the terms of their agreement. She also claims that he has been harassing her and hiding assets to which she is legally entitled to a portion of. Ms. Bollea would like the court to force Hogan to pay up.

Not many Ohio residents have millions on the line when they leave their marriages like in the Hogan case. However, when one party fails to abide by the agreed upon divorce terms, it can be financially devastating to the other party. Those who are dealing with exes who are not honoring the terms of their divorce agreements can seek assistance from an experienced family law attorney who will be able to offer guidance and information on enforcement options, as well as representation in court should the matter require litigation.