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Ohio criminal law: Mother could face child endangerment charges

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Criminal Law

An Ohio mother could soon face child endangerment charges after her toddler was found wandering around outside alone. This type of charge is nothing to take lightly. If this mother is charged and ultimately convicted, she could lose her parental rights and face a number of other consequences. With so much on the line, this individual may find a criminal law attorney a valuable asset to have on her side.

According to a recent news report, a 3-year-old girl was found walking around the Warren Heights apartment complex unaccompanied on Jan. 11. She was wearing a jacket and shoes, but she did not have pants on. No one knows how long she had been outside. The police were called and it was not until a neighbor recognized the child that her mother was located.

The mother, who is 26 years old, claims that she was unaware that her daughter left the house. She thought the child was on the second floor of their home watching a movie. She allegedly told officers that the child should have known better. The woman was not arrested, but police did tell her they would be passing their report on to the local Children Services Board for review.

Being a parent is hard. Every mistake made is analyzed and scrutinized by the public, and sometimes by law enforcement. Only time will tell if child endangerment charges will be filed in this case, but it is certainly a real possibility. If such charges are filed, every mistake this mother has ever made will be used against her in an Ohio court — right or wrong, it is how it works. A criminal law attorney will have the ability to help her protect herself and fight for the best possible outcome.