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Ohio personal injury: Recoverable damages following car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Personal Injury

Those who have suffered injuries in Ohio auto accidents likely have a number of questions about seeking compensation for their losses. Can they seek compensation? If they can, what damages are recoverable? Is pursuing a personal injury claim the right thing to do? An experienced attorney will have the ability to review one’s case and answer these and any other questions one might have on the matter.

If a person does have a case for compensation, he or she may be wondering how much he or she might walk away with when all is said and done. The simple truth of the matter is, every case is different. There are no guarantees that one will achieve a certain amount. It all depends on the losses sustained, the responsible party’s level of negligence and what damages the state deems recoverable.

Generally speaking, most states consider the following losses recoverable: medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering. If an injury resulted in one’s spouse experiencing a loss of companionship, the spouse may file a loss of consortium claim along with one’s personal injury claim. There are very specific requirements for such claims, though.

In order for any personal injury case to be successful, the victim will have to prove negligence contributed to his or her losses. Thankfully, this is not something one has to go about doing alone. An experienced attorney can assist anyone who has suffered losses in Ohio auto accidents by reviewing their cases and pursuing legal actions — if doing so is thought appropriate. Through settlement negotiations or litigation, fair compensation may be achieved.