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Ohio family law: Child support Q and A, conclusion

On Behalf of | May 17, 2017 | Family Law

Over the last several weeks, this column has addressed common questions that parents in Ohio may have about child support. This week’s post will be the conclusion of this series. The topic on the agenda is terminating a support order. This will only be a brief overview, so if one is in need of further information, one can turn to a family law attorney for assistance.

Question number one is: Why seek to terminate a child support order? There are various reasons as to why one might want to terminate an order of support. The most common include custody changes, child’s age, child gets married, child joins the military full time or the child is emancipated.

Question number two is: At what age can a parent stop paying child support? In Ohio, parents who are ordered to pay child support must do so until a child is 18. It can be extended to 19 or longer, however, if the child is still in high school or has a specific need.

Question number three is: Who can request the termination of a support order? Either the custodial or non-custodial parent can request that child support be terminated. The request with proof of the valid reason for termination will have to be submitted to the Child Support Enforcement Agency.

Not all requests for child support termination will receive automatic approval. Every situation is unique, so one’s case will have to be carefully reviewed before such a request can be granted. Parents in Ohio who need help seeking the termination of a support order or fighting such a request can turn to a family law attorney for assistance.

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