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Ohio family law: The shared custody debate

Going through a divorce with children involved is challenging. Figuring out the right child custody agreement is difficult and often a source of conflict. The shared custody issue is one that many parents and members of the Ohio family law community often debate. Is shared custody better or worse than sole custody?

Ohio family law: Making divorce work for the kids

To kids, divorce can feel like the end of the world, and in a way it is. It is the end of all that they have come to know. How parents handle themselves during and after divorce will have a significant effect on how well children cope with the change in their family dynamic. A family law attorney can help parents in Ohio create parenting plans that serve the best interests of the children, but it is up to each parent to put it into action in a way that lets the kids know that everything will be okay.

Ohio family law: What do the experts say about divorce?

Before considering divorce, quite a few people want to know what the experts have to say about the topic. The experts, or course, are those individuals who have studied divorce and divorce rates. There are a lot of myths floating out there about marriage dissolutions that many family law attorneys would like put to rest. This week, this column will address some actual facts about divorce that Ohio residents may be interested in learning.

Ohio family law: The Jolie-Pitt divorce on hold

For most couples in Ohio and elsewhere who decide to end their marriages, the divorce process is not always easy or straightforward. This is particularly true for those who have quite a few shared assets -- such as the Jolie-Pitts. This high profile divorce has been in the news and the latest information is saying that the process has been put on hold due to former couple's inability to agree on what to do with their assets. They are likely counting on their individual family law attorneys to help them through this difficult time so that each party can walk away satisfied with the final result.

Family law: Dividing business assets in divorce

Division of assets in a divorce can be a challenging process for business owners. In preparation, it would likely be wise to learn and understand the state laws relating to the definitions of separate property, the validity of marriage agreements and other aspects of Ohio family law that might come into play. To lessen the divorce's impact on the business, the owner can start by gathering all the business records such as agreements, financial statements and accounting records along with a current valuation.

Many personal injury claims result from Ohio crashes

Every year, numerous deaths and injuries happen on Ohio roadways. In each of those crashes, blame is often assigned to at least one person, most likely a driver of one of the vehicles involved. Even so, that party may not face criminal consequences, but may face civil consequences in the form of a personal injury or wrongful death claim depending on the circumstances.

Ohio family law: A quickie divorce may sound tempting, but...

When couples in Ohio or elsewhere are ready to end their marriages, getting the divorce process over with as swiftly as possible sounds really tempting. Who wouldn't want to just sign the papers and move on, right? There are issues that come with a quickie divorce, however. With the assistance of a family law attorney, one can get through this difficult part of his or her life as quickly as possible and avoid some of the problems that can accompany a rushed dissolution process.

Ohio family law: Fighting a sole custody request

No one said going through a divorce was easy. The whole situation can go downhill rather quickly if spouses cannot agree on things or if emotions get out of control. When it comes to Ohio couples who have children, sometimes there are reasons for only one parent to be granted custody and other times one parent may request sole custody out of spite. One who believes that he or she should be awarded some level of custody can seek assistance from a family law attorney in order to fight his or her spouse's request for sole custody.

Ohio family law: File a QDRO when accessing an IRA

Sometimes, when going through the divorce process, decisions are made that can actually come back to bite one party in the long run. For example, a retirement account may be drained before divorce proceedings are finalized in order to pay off debts for one or both spouses. If the proper forms are not filled out and filed when doing this, the account owner may suffer financially down the line. Ohio residents can turn to a family law attorney who can help them properly split or drain retirement accounts as part of their divorce property settlements.

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