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Should you fire your doctor?

Most residents of the state of Ohio likely rely on certain professionals to provide much needed services. Those relationships may be long in duration and individuals may feel a sense of loyalty toward the professionals. There may be times however when it is appropriate to end that business relationship and move on to another provider. One situation where this need may arise is with one’s personal physician.

Could you have a medical malpractice claim?

People throughout the state of Ohio seek medical attention for a variety of conditions each and every day. While the reason each person consults with a medical provider varies from person to person, all expect that they will receive a certain level of care. When this does not happen, the end result can be catastrophic, resulting in injury or illness and in worst cases even death. In these situations a medical malpractice lawsuit may be filed. 

Woman suing doctor she claims removed wrong rib during surgery

All surgeries have certain risks to them. Consequently, having a surgery can be a very scary thing for a person. Given this, one could imagine how horrible it would be to undergo a surgery and then find out after it is finished that you will have to go to the operating table again because a mistake was made. Sadly, this terrible scenario is a reality for some surgical negligence victims here in Ohio. One type of surgical error that can require a patient to have to undergo an additional surgery is when a doctor mistakenly operates on the wrong body part during a procedure. Individuals who have been the victim of such a surgical mistake may be able to seek compensation for the harms it caused by bringing a malpractice suit.

Wrong-site radiation case settled by Univ. of Toledo

The Ohio Court of Claims has approved the settlement agreement reached by the parties in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The plaintiff contended that doctors employed by the University of Toledo Medical Center had applied radiation to the wrong sites, resulting in "severe burns and substantial disfigurement." The Court of Claims hears all cases against the state and its agencies, and UTMC is a state-run facility.

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