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Divorce Later In Life Presents Unique Concerns

Gray divorce is the term for the legal process pursued by couples who divorce after long marriages, or separate later in life. It’s becoming a popular term too — in recent years, one in four divorces was sought by couples over 50 years of age.

Since most children of gray divorce are out of school and on their own, the primary concerns of over-50 divorcing spouses are spousal support and marital property division. At Smith, Meier & Webb, LPA, divorce and family law firm in Springboro, Ohio, our attorneys listen carefully to your wishes, goals and plans, act swiftly on what they learn by responding with realistic assessments, apply our comprehensive command of these practice areas, and actively protect your rights throughout the legal process.

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Our skilled lawyers excel at formulating detailed strategies for division of property and assets. We work with you to devise spousal maintenance plans that are fair and can fit your budget. We place special focus on pension and retirement valuation and division so that money set aside for many years will not be lost.

Are your deferred income, retirement savings, retirement residence, stocks and bonds and bank accounts in play during divorce discussions? We practice gray divorce in ways that firmly safeguard your interests and give you hope for the future.

We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and finding out how we can help at this difficult time in your life. To arrange an initial consultation with an attorney from our law firm, and to discuss the unique factors involved in divorcing after 50, call 937-557-0128 today. We respond promptly to all email inquiries.