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Ohio personal injury: 2 injured, 1 killed in crash

An Ohio family is mourning the loss of their 4-year-old child following a tragic car accident. A mother and her two children were in their SUV when it was struck by a truck, leaving all three injured. Sadly, the older of the two children later succumbed to his injuries. Per the laws of the state, the mother may be entitled to file personal injury and wrongful death claims against all those believed responsible for the losses suffered as a result of this event.

Is a personal injury attorney necessary after a truck accident?

Accidents involving semitrailers and other large commercial haulers happen all too often in Ohio and elsewhere. When they do, victims tend to suffer severe, if not fatal, injuries. Should those who have lost loved ones or suffered injuries in trucking accidents count on insurance providers to offer fair compensation for their losses? Or should one turn to a personal injury attorney in order to seek maximum relief?

Ohio personal injury: Accidents involving teens are a big problem

Most teenagers cannot wait to get their driver's licenses and get behind the wheel. It is a right of passage, of sorts. However, numerous parents in Ohio have been getting the phone calls that they have been dreading. Their children have been involved in car accidents and have suffered or caused personal injury -- or worse.

Ohio personal injury: 2 adults, 1 child injured in recent wreck

A recent auto accident in Ohio left two adults and one child injured. This incident reportedly occurred September 28, in Liberty. Those who suffer personal injury in such events may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through legal means.

Suffer personal injury due to a distracted truck driver?

Despite state laws and federal regulations that commercial drivers must abide by, it is not hard to spot a semi driver who is distracted due to using a cellphone. It is unfortunate that, because of this simple act, one might suffer a personal injury or worse if an accident results. Ohio residents who have been hurt or lost loved ones in collisions with distracted semi drivers may have legal recourse.

Ohio personal injury: Whiplash can have significant consequences

Anyone, in Ohio or elsewhere, who has ever been involved in a rear-end auto collision has likely experienced some form of neck and back pain from a whiplash injury. For some, these are issues that will clear up on their own with rest and over-the-counter pain medication. For others, chronic pain may require extensive medical procedures to treat. Regardless, this type of personal injury can affect one's life in a variety of ways.

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