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Ohio family law: Helping kids deal with divorce

Divorce, no matter how it is approached, can be difficult for children to accept. According to a published licensed clinical social worker, it is simply traumatizing for children and can have a significant impact on their future relationships. To help ease the blow, there are certain things that parents in Ohio and elsewhere can do to help their kids deal with this very serious family law matter.

Ohio family law: Wedding debt may lead to divorce

Getting married is fun, exciting and stressful all at the same time. Couples in Ohio want their day to be perfect, which is understandable. For some, that will mean taking on debt to have the wedding party of their dreams. That may seem worth it at the time, but those in family law circles have found that nuptial debt can lead to divorce. 

Ohio family law: When money problems lead to divorce

Money, money, money: It is needed to live a certain life, but it is the cause of numerous marital problems. A recently published article named it the top thing about which married couples fight. Here are a few of the main reasons money causes so much trouble in marriage and some information about how a family law attorney can help Ohio residents who wish to get out of their marriages because of money issues.

Is family law linked to the state of the economy?

Learning that the economy is doing well may come as welcome news to people in Ohio. Stronger economies usually mean higher incomes, which can positively benefit many other areas of life. But is it all good news? Having a stronger economy and higher incomes actually influences certain aspects of family law.

Family law: How does alimony work in Ohio?

This year, there will be quite a few married couples in Ohio who choose to call it quits on their relationships. In every one of these family law cases, each party is likely to have a million questions that they need answered before they finalize their divorces. One question commonly asked by both sides is: How does alimony work?

Ohio family law: The many forms of parental alienation

Parental alienation is a term often misused. It is not just about one parent keeping children from their other parent. It is about one parent turning the kids on the other parent, poisoning that parent-child relationship. Parental alienation is something commonly seen in the world of family law. It comes in many forms and may affect numerous Ohio families every year.

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