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Ohio criminal law: expungement, what is it?

Ohio residents who have been arrested and/or convicted generally hate having criminal records. Having to share this information with employers or having this information get out to the public can hurt a person both professionally and personally. Under Ohio criminal law, there are circumstances in which one's criminal record may be erased. The process to do this is called expungement. 

Ohio criminal law: Man facing domestic violence charges

An Ohio man is behind bars due to an alleged incident of domestic violence. Police arrested him on Wednesday, April 4, in Brookfield. This individual would likely benefit from the services of an experienced criminal law attorney as he works to fight his case in court.

Criminal law: Man wanted for crime arrested out of state

A Warren man wanted for secretly recording people in a tire shop bathroom has been arrested in another state. Police are still working on gathering evidence before they officially file charges against him and begin the process of having him brought back to Ohio for prosecution. If or when that happens, this individual will have the right to retain a criminal law attorney of his choosing to help him fight the charges in court.

Let an Ohio criminal law attorney help with that drug charge

Whether at home minding your own business or out on the street going about your day, if approached about a potential drug crime you may feel a bit overwhelmed. If an investigation turns into an arrest, you may begin to feel lost and hopeless. Let an Ohio criminal law attorney help you with that drug charge.

Ohio criminal law: Recent criminal activity in Warren

Police officers in Warren have been busy, which is often the case. A number of people were arrested on various crimes around the Thanksgiving holiday. Each of them can help themselves by seeking assistance from a criminal law attorney to help them fight their cases in court.

Ohio criminal law: Recent investigations in the Warren area

Police in the Warren area are always busy responding to calls, investigating potential crimes and making arrests. Various criminal activities were reported at the end of August and in the first few days of September. Law enforcement authorities apparently ended up making numerous arrests over the span of one week. The accused individuals, some of whom face felony level criminal charges, can seek assistance from an experienced criminal law attorney to help them fight their cases in court.

Ohio criminal law: Is taking a breath test optional?

When police officers in Ohio suspect a driver of operating his or her vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, they will ask that individual to give a breath sample. This is standard procedure. Does one have to submit to such a request? Yes and no. In either case, a criminal law attorney may be able to help deal with the consequences of either decision.

Ohio criminal law: Wondering if drug court is an option for you?

Being charged with a drug offense is not an easy thing with which to deal. Prosecuting attorneys in the state of Ohio are not going to treat it lightly, and unless you know how to navigate the court system, you could end up receiving the maximum punishment allowed under the law. A criminal law attorney may be able to help you in either seeking a case dismissal or pursing alternative sentencing options -- such as drug court.

Ohio criminal law: Charged with theft -- now what?

Theft is typically defined as taking another person's property without consent with the intent of depriving that person of it permanently. As far as Ohio criminal law is concerned, the alleged details of one's case will be used to determine the category and degree of theft charges that are ultimately filed. This, of course, will impact the severity of the potential consequences tied to a conviction.

Ohio Criminal law: Handling of possession charges

The consequences associated with drug-related crimes can do a real number on one's personal and professional life if convicted. In Ohio and elsewhere, the drug crime most commonly seen is possession. Depending on the facts of one's case, this may be handled at either the state or federal level. Regardless, a criminal law attorney will be able to assist those facing drug crime accusations in fighting for the best outcomes possible.

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