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3 financial signs your spouse is preparing for divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2024 | Divorce

When your marriage has been rocky for a while, you may find yourself looking for signs that your spouse may have one foot out the door already.

While things like a spouse’s increased physical and emotional distance, changes in their appearance and behavior, changes in their work schedule and an increasing number of arguments may all be significant “red flags” that a spouse is planning to leave, the real signs of trouble are usually much more practical. They include:

1. They’re suddenly getting organized

Every divorce requires a hard look at a couple’s finances, but most people don’t have all their financial documents 100% organized. If your spouse has suddenly taken the initiative to get your financial records in order, they may be doing so for ulterior motives.

2. You see indications of odd financial activity

Has there been a heavy influx of junk mail offering incentives to open bank accounts and credit cards – all in your spouse’s name? The odds are high that they’ve quietly made some inquiries about new accounts and ended up on a mailing list for various financial institutions and their products. They’re probably looking to establish an individual bank account and separate their credit from yours.

3. They’re unusually concerned about saving money

When a spouse who was previously fairly casual about the budget and spending suddenly becomes focused on saving money, you should be asking what prompted the change. They may be thinking about how they’re going to afford the divorce and relocation.

If you suspect that your spouse is about to end your marriage, you would be doing yourself an injustice by not seeking more information about your legal rights.