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How you can help your kids through the divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce in Ohio, it’s easy to lose sight of the ones you care about most. This is a difficult time for everyone, and as much as you love your kids, you might be too consumed by your own pain to realize how much they’re going through as well. It’s crucial to remember that they’re experiencing a significant life change, and it can be even more earth-shattering for them because they’re so much younger.

Talk them through all of their worries

When there are kids in the picture, there are holidays, birthdays and school functions to think about. Getting divorced creates a whole new world of planning, and it might surprise you what your kids are most worried about. Their concerns might catch you off guard, so try to be ready to talk them through anything they might throw at you.

Consider how old the kids are and who the primary caregiver is. Sudden shifts in who the child sees on a daily basis may be more traumatic and harder to handle for younger children. Make sure to be gentle and patient throughout the end of your marriage and after.

Your kids are not your messengers

Make sure you don’t put the kids in the middle. If you have to communicate with your ex, do so directly instead of trying to turn your children into messengers. It will only make things harder on the kids because they’ll be pitted against both of you and exposed to raw emotion and more information than they probably should.

Always keep in mind that although your kids might seem normal and act like they’re fine, they may be putting on a front because they see how much you’re going through. Children sometimes notice much more than they let on, and so it’s essential that you account for that in your divorce.