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The hazards for drivers in the fall

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Personal Injury

When fall arrives in Ohio, motorists will need to be more careful for a variety of reasons. Road conditions might require better adherence to safer driving.

Fall season and driving dangers

The weather could take a turn for the worse during the fall, and drivers may deal with a significant amount of rain. Rain hitting the street could create slippery road conditions, especially with oil and other fluids on the asphalt surface. The fall season also means leaves are falling from the trees, further creating potential problems. If a car loses control on a slippery highway, it may crash into a tree or another vehicle. Driving too fast increases the chances of such an outcome.

Traveling in rural areas could bring unexpected dangers, such as large animals like deer crossing the road. Of course, a dog darting into the street may also cause accidents in metropolitan areas.

Children could cross in front of a car when running across the street. Such concerns should be on every driver’s mind throughout the year, but fall increases the risk of accidents since children are headed back to school. A child might be distracted when getting off a school bus or trying to reach the school’s entrance without being late. Approaching school zones with caution seems advisable.

As the fall season continues, the daylight hours become shorter. Driving at night presents risks that might not occur during the day, requiring more alertness from drivers.

Recklessness and motor vehicle accidents

Some behaviors are reckless and could inflict harm on others during all seasons. Combining recklessness with fall weather and road conditions may increase the chances of a car crash. For example, speeding in poor weather or low light situations might lead to catastrophe.

A motorist may face a lawsuit if negligence leads to an accident. A victim could seek a variety of damages, including compensation for medical bills and lost wages.