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What documents are presented during child custody hearings?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Family Law

Going through a divorce might be an understandably stressful process for many spouses. When both partners cannot agree on child custody arrangements, the proceedings could become even more challenging. Knowing what documents to bring to the hearing could help matters in an Ohio court.

Child custody documents and preparation

Each child custody hearing that takes place in family court will be unique. The court cannot assume what a spouse wants, so a written submission to the court is necessary. A clear and detailed written submission could give the judge a clear idea about what a parent seeks.

The court will likely require additional evidence to support a decision. For example, if a parent claims that he or she is capable of financially supporting the child, documents that declare income and assets may be vital. The court will typically need to review a parent’s expenses concerning assets and income to ascertain financial stability.

The court would also want to review proof of a strong relationship with the child. An absentee parent might not seem like someone who could best provide a loving home for the young one. Phone logs and text messages, along with other communication like emails, might reveal that the parent and child remain in regular contact.

Further documentation for the court

Other documents could help the family law court render an informed decision. Receipts and proof of financial support might establish that a parent invests in the child’s care. Financial support could also indicate responsible actions regarding the young person’s health care and schooling.

It’s also helpful to provide documentation when drawing up a visitation schedule. Those requesting joint custody should show the court their work schedule and preferred visitation days. Preparing these and other documents may prove beneficial during the hearing.