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Is autumn a hazardous time for drivers?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Personal Injury

Changes in the weather could affect driving conditions, and autumn may bring many of them. People who are traveling through Ohio might wish to take extra care to deal with potential hazards the fall season brings. Even a safe driver could end up in a collision if weather-related factors make it hard to control a vehicle.

Some driving risks with the fall season

Autumn could bring more rain than usual, which means the roads could become slicker. As the rain falls, water could mix with oil, creating potentially dangerous conditions. Other factors could cause hydroplaning and sliding, such as deep puddles. Those driving with low tire treads might be at even greater risk. Tires need the appropriate amount of pressure as well. Driving with too little or too much air adds risk.

Obstructions from leaves and other debris landing on the road could contribute to hazards. Wet leaves could be worse, but dry ones create dangers since they could impact vehicle and bicycle behavior.

Further worries about autumn driving

Not making adjustments when driving in autumn could leave someone open to a personal injury lawsuit. Perhaps signing up for seasonal fall vehicle maintenance service could address troubling mechanical issues. Little things like installing new windshield wipers or anti-glare visors could help immensely.

Even when a vehicle is in great shape, it might not handle a collision with an animal well. Anything that jumps out in front of a car might cause a crash, so consider it wise to keep alert for deer crossings.

Visibility might be poor at times since the change away from daylight saving time means more darkness. Hopefully, the vehicle’s lights work properly, and the driver makes safety adjustments for nighttime travel.

Fog could roll in at any time, further hampering visibility. Take this as one more thing to be mindful of during the autumn months.