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Living arrangements during a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Divorce

When people think about the difficult aspects of divorce, they often dwell on the division of property and child custody. However, there are also big changes to day-to-day life when a couple divorces in Ohio. One of the most significant is deciding where to live.

Cohabiting during divorce

There are a lot of ways to approach the question of where to live during a divorce. Some couples find that they’re able to stay under the same roof in amicable circumstances. This can happen when there’s an economic downturn and no one can afford to move. Sometimes, cohabiting also occurs in acrimonious divorces when no one wants to be seen as abandoning an asset. In those cases, the court may intervene and decide who will inhabit the house until the divorce is finalized.

Moving out of the family home

In other cases, one party may move back in with their family. Staying with parents or a sibling during a divorce can be prudent for a number of reasons. Often, people can save money by doing this. They may even be able to access childcare at low or no cost. Divorce lawyers can be expensive, so this can be a good strategy if it’s available.

If couples own more than one property, one spouse may decide to stay in a secondary residence. Examples include living in a space the couple normally rents or living in a vacation home on a permanent basis. Sometimes, this can even become a long-term solution. One spouse may keep the primary residence while the other keeps the secondary home.

Other solutions are available too, of course. During a divorce, it’s important to be flexible and inventive. In some families, the parents rotate in and out of the primary residence rather than making the children move between two households. Getting creative when it comes to living arrangements can make the divorce easier on everyone.