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Researchers provide insights about divorce, money and children

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Divorce, Family Law

Divorce and family relationships have inspired a great deal of sociological research over the years. The results of these studies might provide you with insights as you ponder the question of whether or not to end your marriage. Although the conclusions of researchers do not translate into certain outcomes for individuals in Ohio, awareness of potential problems may empower you to make appropriate decisions for your life and family.

Children stressed most by high-conflict marriages

You may wish to end a marriage so that your children can avoid constant exposure to parental fighting. Parents may wish to balance their desire to provide children with a peaceful home against the stress that divorce causes children. In one long-term study, researchers determined that only marriages with extreme conflict troubled children more than divorce. Marriages with moderate levels of conflict did not impact children as negatively as divorce.

Post-divorce income inequality

Economic conditions differ for men and women after divorce. In general, men experience a roughly 10% gain in standard of living while women realize a 27% financial loss.

Divorce largely female driven

Nationally, about two-thirds of divorces result from women choosing to file. Female motivations appear to be driven somewhat by the greater tendency for men to engage in troublesome behavior like drinking, drug abuse and gambling. However, regional child custody laws tend to reduce the number of female-initiated divorces. When the law presumes that both parents will share approximately equal custody, women file for divorce at lower rates.

Family law shapes divorce outcomes

State law establishes certain rights to marital property and access to children. As you explore the possibility of divorce, you should not make assumptions about how the law will apply to your family. Legal representation may help you come to terms with a former partner through either private negotiation or litigation.