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Women initiate more divorces than men

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Divorce

Weddings are aggressively marketed towards women and girls from the time they start playing with dolls. So it’s no surprise that women are usually the driving force behind weddings. What many people in Ohio may find surprising, though, is that women are usually the driving force behind divorce as well. Though many movies and television dramas would have you believe it’s usually men leaving their wives, women actually initiate divorce in almost 70 percent of cases.

What’s behind this seemingly confounding statistic? Marriage therapists and psychologists give several reasons for this trend, which shows no signs of slowing down. First, while women make up approximately half of the workforce, they still do most of the chores. While it may seem silly to divorce over whose turn it is to do laundry, many women report resentment over the fact that they shoulder the burden of the household work. Almost half of working women report doing housework daily, compared with only 20 percent of working men. This resentment can build up over time.

Aside from doing more of the daily grind of raising children and keeping house, women are less likely than men to depend on their spouse for emotional support. Men are taught not to show their vulnerable side, and many only do so with their wives. The thought of leaving their only outlet for emotional support may keep men in a marriage. Women, on the other hand, are likely to confide in and trust their friends and family to help support their mental wellbeing. Due to differing communication styles, their husbands may not even be their top source of support, making it easier for them to leave.

If you are going through a divorce, whether you initiated it or not, having a lawyer with experience in family law may help you achieve a better outcome. Navigating the tricky waters of divorce law can be complicated, and having an attorney to advocate for you might make a big difference in your case.