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Activists cite racial disparity as cause of unequal justice

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Residents of Springboro and other areas of Ohio might be interested in learning about the racial disparity that exists in the courts as cited by activists. With most prosecutors and judges being white, people of color are being negatively impacted in outcomes within the courts.

According to a recent article, the lack of brown and black trial judges and prosecutors has a negative effect on the trial outcomes of people of color. In the US, 13% of residents are African American, and 39% are people of color, but in the criminal justice system, 95% of the elected prosecutors are Caucasian or white. In 2016, 2 out of 10 state judge trials were people of color. These are the judges who sign warrants and determine terms of parole.

In a 2016 “Gavel Gap” study by Vanderbilt University, the co-author mentioned that it undermines the perception of legitimacy when the courts do not represent the people and communities they serve. The issue may be exacerbated by the fact that there are few opportunities in the legal profession for Black community members.

According to an American Bar Association survey, in 2019, only 5% of attorneys were Black. That same year, an additional 5% were Hispanic with the majority at 85% being white.

A criminal justice coordinator with Grassroots Leadership in Austin mentioned that racial disparities in judges’ benches and prosecutors’ offices “absolutely” play a role. These individuals determine who ends up getting charged and who goes to jail.

Criminal law attorneys can protect those who are innocent and manage outcomes for those who have made mistakes. An experienced lawyer who is a skilled professional can examine the evidence and determine whether it is admissible. He or she can also determine if law enforcement has overstepped their bounds.