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Tips for coping with a divorce while at work

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Divorce

For many Ohio residents going through a divorce, the emotional toll of the separation may feel insurmountable. In fact, some psychologists consider divorce to be second only to losing a loved one in terms of stress. Individuals going through a divorce should not try to go through it alone, and they should be open to support from friends and family. Having a strong support base at home can help people get through their day-to-day responsibilities, like going to work.

When at the office, it is best not to get too into the weeds of the divorce details with coworkers. At the same time, it may be a good idea to let a superior know that something big is happening at home, so that he or she knows that the employee may not be able to perform certain difficult tasks in the short-term. Letting a boss or HR know ahead of time is certainly better than having to come up with explanations after the fact for falling short on a performance or missing a deadline.

At the other extreme, some people going through a divorce may throw themselves into work as a distraction, making no time for anything else. Suppressing what is going on in one’s personal life is not a healthy coping mechanism, so someone going through a divorce should allow himself or herself time to heal. If that person has some sick days or personal days stored up, now might be the time to take them.

It is also important for newly separated individuals to tune out the unsolicited advice they will inevitably be receiving, which could include advice from coworkers. It is better to get guidance from a trained professional, like a therapist or a family law attorney, to help the person with the divorce proceedings.