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Effectively dealing with Ohio child custody and shared parenting

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Family Law

For Ohio couples, child custody issues can be contentious. For many, shared parenting agreements are preferable to alternatives, such as there being a custodial parent with the other granted visitation rights. Still, there can be challenges with shared parenting.


The parents’ goal should be ensuring the child is in a safe, nurturing environment. Understanding common aspects of the relationship that can grow contentious is beneficial to avoiding them. It may be tempting to say negative things about the other parent. This is especially true if it was a difficult divorce. It can cause negativity with the child and should be avoided. Parents frequently think of their own interests when the child takes precedence. Parents may have arguments over scheduling. Rather than think about it emotionally, treating it as a business situation can avoid needless dispute.


With shared custody, the arrangement must be organized. For scheduling, there should be a personalized calendar to suit everyone’s needs, especially the child. Marriages end for a reason. If another person was not a good wife or husband, that does not necessarily imply that they will be bad at parenting. Lingering animosity could cloud dealing with the child. With communication, parents might not want to talk to one another, but it is necessary with a child. Email and text messages can be useful.


Flexibility and willingness to compromise despite disagreements can smooth the process. The child may be old enough and have sufficient maturity to express his or her desires about certain parts of the parenting situation. Rather than ignore the child, listening and being open about activities, toys and events can have a psychological benefit. Finally, the arrangement may need to be altered as time passes. As the child ages, these agreements should be adjusted accordingly. Child custody is a complicated part of family law rife for conflict, and this is true even if there is already a shared parenting agreement in place. No matter the situation, experienced and empathetic legal help can deal with the case. Calling for a consultation regarding child custody can provide information and representation.