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Consider alternate arrangement for 50-50 custody

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Family Law

In an Ohio divorce, many parents follow the widely-accepted solution and alternate weeks between the parents’ homes when there is a shared 50-50 custody arrangement. However, some experts are beginning to advise families that this may not be the best arrangement in terms of the children and are recommending that parents consider other options.

There are several reasons why alternating weeks after a divorce does not work best for the children. The primary reason is that the children may develop some separation anxiety when they are faced with a long absence from one parent’s home. Being apart from one parent for so long on a consistent basis may have an adverse psychological effect.

Families may also experience other practical effects. Having to make arrangements for child care for one straight week may be difficult given the parent’s work situation. In addition, weeklong separations may also require constant communication, which could be difficult if the two parents have an acrimonious relationship with each other. As a result, some experts are now recommending that the children switch homes more frequently if the parents elect for a 50-50 arrangement. This can minimize the impact on both parents and children. Parents should maintain an open mind when negotiating the custody agreement so that they can find the best possible solution for the children.

When trying to come up with a custody agreement that is acceptable to all, parents may need the help of a family law attorney. The lawyer could both come up with suggestions that could work as well as help with negotiating the agreement with the other parent. Sometimes, parents are just too wrapped up in the details of the divorce to come up with different ideas and end up just sticking with what other families have chosen in the past.