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Authorities actively seek out parents who owe child support

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Family Law

In Summit County, Ohio, parents owe more than $1.6 million in back child support. There are currently 50 individuals who are sought by authorities in that area for failing to comply with a child support order. You may be taken into custody if you owe more than $5,000 in back child support or haven’t made a payment in the last six months.

Dozens of parents are taken into custody each year

There are only two investigators who are assigned to search for parents who owe back child support. In 2019, they took 60 people into custody, and in 2018, they took roughly 100 people into custody for failing to provide financial support for their kids. According to authorities, $49 million in past-due support was collected in the county in 2015.

Jail isn’t the only penalty you could face

In many cases, you will only be taken to jail if you willfully avoid paying what you owe. However, authorities have other options to compel you to make child support payments. For instance, they could suspend your driver’s license or a professional license. They can also intercept state or federal tax refunds to satisfy a past due balance.

Why child support payments are so important

Child support payments help to keep more than one million children in the state of Ohio clothed and fed. Financial assistance from a parent may also be used to provide a child with adequate shelter. In some cases, up to 40% of a household’s income may come from support payments made by a noncustodial parent.

Parents who are having trouble keeping up with child support payments may want to speak with a family law attorney. Doing so may make it possible to learn more about potential strategies to comply with an existing support order.