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Halloween looms large for law enforcers focused on DUI/OVI

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2019 | Criminal Defense

As October marches steadily onward, an annually recurring marker is fast approaching that spells yearly fun for legions of Ohio residents.

That is next week’s circled calendar date spotlighting Halloween. Retailers have of course geared up for that, as have select homeowners who enthusiastically dress up their front yards and driveways with the requisite ghosts, goblins and other themed decorations. And holiday-linked activity is always festive and frenetic at local malls, restaurants/bars and other entertainment outlets.

Some motorists out on streets and roads on Halloween evening and adjoining days might also want to note the amped-up presence of one additional actor/demographic that routinely shows up large over the holiday.

That is Ohio’s law enforcement component, chiefly local police officers and state trooper state troopers. The customarily heavy presence of squad cars on state roadways is always materially augmented over the Halloween period (and for the rest of the year) by enforcers on the close lookout for inebriated drivers who can be arrested for DUI/OVI offenses.

Evidence of spiked scrutiny emerged in and around the Dayton metro just last week, with a media report noting a police “crack down on impaired drivers” marked by multiple OVI checkpoints targeting hundreds of vehicles. The checkpoints were supplemented by roving saturation patrols that stopped a number of motorists.

Drunk driving is always a top-tier focus of Ohio law enforcers. As we have noted in prior blog posts at Smith, Meier & Webb (please see our September 23 entry, for example), a DUI/OVI conviction in the state yields multiple and notably harsh penalties. Proven legal counsel can provide diligent representation for any motorist arrested and charged with drunk driving.

We wish all our readers a happy Halloween and safe holiday season throughout the rest of the year.