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Ohio family law: When money problems lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2019 | Family Law

Money, money, money: It is needed to live a certain life, but it is the cause of numerous marital problems. A recently published article named it the top thing about which married couples fight. Here are a few of the main reasons money causes so much trouble in marriage and some information about how a family law attorney can help Ohio residents who wish to get out of their marriages because of money issues.

Having different financial priorities rather than being on the same page about money simply does not work out well. Couples who have shared goals and actually work toward those goals together tend to find success in married life. When goals are made, but only one spouse is working toward them, it can cause a lot of resentment.

Credit card debt is another reason couples fight. Most adults in the United States have credit card debt. It is the reasons behind the debt that can cause big problems. If one spouse is constantly racking up debt on credit cards and the other is killing him or herself to get out of debt, fights are inevitable and divorce often follows.

Financial infidelity and loss of financial control are the last two things that will be discussed. Financial infidelity involves hiding spending habits, assets, gambling addictions and debt from one’s spouse. Such actions promote trust issues that can be difficult to overcome. Financial control involves one spouse taking the lead and managing all aspects of the marital finances, giving his or her spouse no say. No one wants to feel that they have no control over certain aspects of their life.

Every couple fights. Most couples will fight about money at some point. Not all can deal with the constant stress of fighting about how money is spent or saved, and that is okay. When a marriage appears to be ending and there is no hope for repair, an Ohio-based family law attorney can assist one in filing for divorce, negotiating settlement terms and even taking some issues to court if negotiations fail to produce a fair and balanced agreement.